Help using Bike Bingo

Welcome to this web site, where we hope to show you that there are ways to explore Winnipeg on bicycle via trails, separated paths and speed-reduced residential streets (although there are some areas where the cycling infrastructure leaves a lot to be desired)

There are two bingo cards – an easier one that features more protected infrastructure and direct travel, and a harder one that is more on-road and has some hard-to-find spots.

Each bingo card has 25 landmarks. You can click on buttons to be shown a row, column or loop of landmarks, which will be highlighted. You can click repeatedly until you find one you like. Some are relatively short (15-20 km) lines of five landmarks. Others are longer.

Once you decide on a row, column or loop, you can click on the “Map it” button and a suggested route will pop up, showing you one potential way to reach all of the selected landmarks.

There is also a “hardcore” challenge which requires you to visit all 25 landmarks on the bingo card in one day. If you do that and can provide evidence via a publicly available tracker (such as Strava), you can be added to our Wall of Fame. See the full map for our easier and harder hardcore challenges below along with some helpful .gpx files to keep you on track while during your ride:

.gpx file

.gpx file

If you have enabled location tracking on your phone, you should be able to see your location compared to the map you are given as you go. This is especially helpful in some areas of the city where our routes go through a complex web of residential streets or twisty park paths.

Good luck and safe travels!